Customization production and service for In-Mold Labeling (IML) cups

Convenience store coffee cups, hand-operated cups for chain teas, or many beverage cups and food or dessert packaging containers, all like to print cute patterns, so that when consumers drink or eat, they are accompanied by cute patterns, further generate interest in collecting these products.

DEANSUN specializes in in-mold labeling technology, designing and manufacturing cute IML cup products for many domestic food manufacturers and well-known beverage brands, so that consumers can still put it down after using them, and use IML cups as pen holders or carry-on cups. This is the other function of the IML cup product.

The production of IML cup is quite technical, and there is a certain correlation between the precision of mold development and the flatness of film production, which is related to production quality and production efficiency. DEANSUN has many years of experience in the production of IML products. If your packaging container wants to use the IML to show the appearance and characteristics of the products, DEANSUN is definitely your best choice.

潔淨整列式包裝食具 / 單支包裝食具






  • 容器底部的信息愈來愈重要,經由模內貼標製程,有可能在一個操作中對容器的所有五個外觀面進行裝飾。
  • 如果將多層標貼施加到容器的整個外觀面上,模內貼標方法有助於提高阻隔性能,延長所裝物品的儲存壽命。
  • 因為帶有靜電,對產品不會產生污染。
  • 模內貼標製程中所鑲入的薄膜提高了塑件的硬度。
  • 模內貼標實現在一個成型週期中生產出被裝飾和包裝的容器。
  • 模內貼標能更換容器裝飾(標貼)而不用中斷生產。





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