Excellent texture cup lid with domestic and foreign patented.

DEANSUN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is located in Taichung, Taiwan. We have many years of professional injection molding experiences and certified by the ISO 22000 and HACCP. We are constantly devoted to researching and developing and manufacturing of high-quality injection molding products, and jointly developing new materials, new products and new molds with our customers. Our excellent technical capabilities and development experience have fully achieved customer’s recognition and trust. All of our production and sales are for the domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, chain store , restaurants and coffee chain. Product categories include the beauty industry, biotechnology industry, pet industry, medical industry and so on.


In view of the market, Total Solution's service type has become a competitive condition for achieving customer recognition and long-term cooperation. DEANSUN has excellent production technology and rich planning and design capabilities to help customers all kinds of injection molding products planning and design. DEANSUN has the clean plant and various models of professional injection machines of Japanese JSW, as well as a number of automated packaging machines for single tableware. DEANSUN is your first choice for OEM / ODM injection products.




The feature of product



  • Push-button drinking mouth for easier use
  • Larger drinking mouth for large diameter straws
  • Reverse tapered vent for more complete leak protection
  • Calf flat design, drinking more peace of mind
  • Patented lid for custom colors
  • According to customer need lid style, customize mold and produce



  • 口徑:Ø 90mm
  • 材質:PP
  • 顏色(公版):黑/白/紅/透明
  • 顏色:客製色




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