DEANSUN 一Your best partner for green and environmental activities.


(一)Production and sales of environment friendly raw materials


1.DEANSUN has many years of experience in the production of environment friendly materials such as PLA.

2.DEANSUN knows the production characteristics of various environment friendly materials, such as PLA, CPLA, TPS, plant fiber environment friendly materials, etc.

3.Environment friendly material tableware and cup lids are all developed and produced.

4.The tableware can be packaged in a single package (PLA or OPP packaging film), paper packaging, combination package, bulk packaging, etc., we can meet different needs of customers.


(二)The environment friendly material product project development and cooperation


1.DANSUN can cooperate with the drawing, design and suggestions of new environment friendly material product.

2.Development of new molds for environment friendly material products.

3.Assist in the production of environment friendly material products.

4.Select and recommend the most suitable environment friendly material according to the new product characteristics.


(三)Cooperative development or foundry of environment friendly materials suppliers or developers.


1.Assist in the trial production of new environment friendly materials.

2.Assist in the establishment of new environment friendly materials.

3.Assist in the production samples of new environment friendly materials.

4.Assist in the promotion and OEM of new environment friendly materials products.


(四)Other special project development or cooperation.


1.Design company’s project cooperation.

2.Patent product production cooperation.

3.The research and development of new Green environmental protection product.